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Activox Pro (4.5 lbs) – Activox Sport (3.9 lbs)
The Pro or Sport Will Not Weigh You Down

The LifeChoice Activox POC is small, lighweight and durable. With Activox you can get rid of oxygen carts and forget about bottle refills. Activox comes in an attractive carry case that can be worn as a small backpack, carried in the hand, worn as a waist pack, or slung over the shoulder. It’s easy and convenient to carry the Activox your way, and at 4.83 pounds it won’t weigh you down.

Portable Oxygen for Active Users — 24 Hours a Day

The Activox is a Portable Oxygen Concentrator designed for active users who require the equivalent of 1, 2 or 3 LPM of oxygen. LifeChoice Activox’s unique “Auto Mode” detects changes in your breathing patterns and adjusts the internal breath detection trigger accordingly. During the day LifeChoice Activox’s Active-High Mode detects activity and provides the most oxygen available per pound in any portable device to support higher respiration rates. At night Activox switches to Sleep Mode, increasing trigger sensitivity to detect nighttime breathing and changes in respiratory rates, to provide the proper oxygen levels for successful sleep.

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